Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finished - Baggage Door & Brake Lines / Started - Control System and Rudder Pedals

I've done a lot lately. A lot of little things which always feels like I've just been piddling around in the shop and really accomplishing anything. Although, I can now say: the brake lines are finished along with the parking brake, the baggage door section is complete, the antenna doublers are installed, more interior panels were soundproofed and installed, the seat floors were riveted in place, and I started on the rudder and control system sections. I do need to say Thanks to Ed for his video he posted on his baggage door. I basically followed the exact same installation method he had done and it turned out great.
Dates and Times
Tue 17 -1.0hr- built bracket for parking brake
Wed 18 -1.25hrs- repositioned brake lines
Thurs 19 -1.0hr- insulation
Sat 21 -6.0hrs- with help, antenna doublers installed, com antenna cables, insulation, rivet seat panels, finished brake lines, installed parking brake, torqued brake lines
Sun 22  -4.25hrs- Primed control system parts, riveted seat floors, cut tubing, riveted side closeout panels
Mon 23 -3.5hrs- riveted baggage door side panel, built rudder pedals, riveted ends onto control tubes 
Tues 24 -1.25hrs- push pull tube end caps 
Wed 25 -1.25hrs- control system work

You can buy an installation kit from Airward for the parking brake. It's essentially a machined bracket with hardware and costs a whopping $170. OR you can bend a piece of aluminum into a hat channel,  reorient the valve lever, and bolt into place and you have the same thing for free! I used the Permatex thread sealant on the NPT fittings and torqued the AN fittings as described in AC 43.13.
Final brake line install with soundproofing and torque stripe.

Finished installing the side closeout panels and ran coax for the com antenna

Riveted the rudder pedals together.

The push pull rods look so cool like this. Wrap some copper wire around them and it would look like I'm building something much more sinister than an airplane.

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