Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finished Baggage Area

Another trip....another small break from building. We flew down to Destin over Labor Day weekend for my Brother-in-law's wedding. The flight was quick (quick in Cessna 172 terms...faster than driving let's say that) and easy. A little over 2hrs and the baby slept the whole way there and back.
Back to building.
I finished the baggage area over the last weekend. I have a side panel that's not permanently installed since I'm waiting on more insulation. I also didn't install the seat belt guides yet since I'm not sure what I'm doing there yet. Jess wants retractable seat belts....can't blame her I do too. I have a plan of how I'm going to do this, but until I have the parts in hand the guides will stay off the airplane. I also finished the foot well pans.
Dates and Times
Wed 4th - 1.0hrs - Pop rivet floor pans.
Thurs 5th - 1.5hrs - Rivet floor pans.
Fri 6th - 0.5hrs - Changed conduit run on RH side of aircraft to extend to seat frame.
Sat 7th - 4.75hrs - Baggage area work. Pop rivets etc.
Sun 8th -4.0hrs - Finished baggage area and panels. Started baggage door.
Tues 10th - 0.5hrs - Drilled and countersunk hinge

Finished the side frames. I primed them with "rattle can" epoxy primer.

I changed the conduit to run all the way to the aft seat frame. This area will be closed off with a riveted in side panel.

All the panels installed.

Started the baggage door.

I always feel like someone is watching me...

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