Monday, August 13, 2012

Back at it.

Vacation and travel for work has lead to no airplane building in the past couple weeks. But, this past weekend was productive. I decided to continue working on the fuselage, three reasons: it looked to be more fun and productive, it would lead to another large part, and I'm kind of avoiding the million holes I would need to debur and dimple in the tailcone. Although all of this quickly proved to be ill fated. As I was finishing clecoing together the ribs and bulkheads that form the bottom of the fuselage I began to realize I had a cleco quantity problem, a cleco quantity deficit to be exact. Almost all of my 3/32 clecos are holding the tailcone together and I need a couple hundred more for this skin. So the plan has shifted back to the tailcone who's next step is to disassemble, leading to hundreds of freed up clecos. So it appears I will be bouncing back and forth between the two parts. Keeps it entertaining I guess.

Just so the pics make sense the fuselage, although each part is worked on separately and with meticulous detail deburred and marked, is half assembled as a whole and standing upright on its forward end. (Sat 6.0) Sun (6.5)

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