Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mundane Deburr

More deburring last night and tonight. It becomes very mundane. Although, let your mind wander when completing this simple task and it can become a bit meditative. A plus I suppose.

I'm starting to see the end now that I have deburred the larger skins and only smaller frames remain. My fingers grew tired of twisting the drill bit, cramping from the endless repetitious motion. So I took a break and started dimpling some parts when I came across an impossible hole to dimple in parts F-1055 the rudder stop skin stiffeners. The hole requiring dimpling sits snug next to the bend and a standard dimple die diameter is too big to reach the hole. So I modified a spare die I had by grinding half the cylinder off one side, thus allowing clearance to the hole.

If I need to make tools finish this airplane things may really slow down. Wed (1.0) Thurs (1.5)

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