Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rib Bending

I clecoed the skin on the fuselage ribs and bulkhead assembly as far as I could, before I needed more clecos. An interesting thing I ran into with the outboard fuselage rib. The holes weren't lining up in the skins. As the picture shows you can clearly see the rib is straight and the skin has a curve to it. So I fluted the edge of the rib to give it a curve to match the skin. It worked great on the first try. The surprising part about this is that this step is not mentioned in the plans except on a rib further forward than this one. See the pics below, although don't expect them to be in order, blogger never loads them in sequence.

Also, I rearranged parts tonight with the help of a friendly neighbor. Moving the tailcone back to the table for disassembly and the fuselage to the floor to finish clecoing all the parts on. Working the parts at the same time might turn out to be better then expected, despite the logistical requirements. (1.5)

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