Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finished Bulkheads

I haven't posted in a while....been busy. I did a little flying too! Shot some approaches in actual IMC, always fun. I have squeezed in just enough time, throughout the week and today, to finish the bulkheads and reinstall the replacement longeron in the tailcone. There a lot of large rivets and nutplates to install in the bulkhead and frame parts. I had to turn the pressure up on the rivet gun. The biggest challenge with the larger rivets is holding everything straight while smashing the rivets. All the nutplate rivets I could use the pneumatic squeezer, which was nice. The parts looked great together alodined. Once this entire section is complete then I'll prime. Now that they're done I set the large bulkhead frames aside and soon I'll get back to the tailcone. Attached is a picture of how the longeron should have installed.
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