Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back to the Build

Now that the desk is complete, a long three weeks including late nights at work and busy schedules, I got back to building the airplane last night. After sweeping up all the saw dust, the workshop was converted back to a sheet metal shop and solo airplane factory. I am starting on the tailcone, as this is the last part to complete in the empennage! And you can expect an updated completed structure overview in the near future to indicate the area of work in progress. Last night was mainly spent as described above with cleaning the shop but I got about an hour of work in making the aft tie down fitting and a couple parts of the bulkheads. I've noticed there have been an increase in parts you have to cut, shape, and match drill in this section. I wonder if this is going to continue into the fuselage. Tonight I continued on some bulkhead pieces, nothing major. I noted that one of the service bulletins and associated parts is included in my kit and set of plans. Good to know they keep the kits up to date on any changes they (Vans Aircraft) make.

Oh, I did build a rack to store the completed stabilizers and elevators in hopes of keeping them a little safer than just laying around in the shop. Mon (1.0) Tues (2.5)

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