Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes things just don't work out.

Someone made the statement to me "I don't see how you do it, how do you have the time to work on the plane and have the baby"

Well it's about pattern, discipline, momentum, and an awesome wife. You create a daily pattern; start your morning, feed the baby, go to work, pick up the baby, go home, play/feed/bathe/calm/whatever with baby while wife does her thing, eat dinner, clean up, out to the shop while it's Mommy time with baby. Have discipline to stick to the pattern or else time evaporates into thin air and the night/day/week is shot. Keep the momentum going; keep repeating this until something big is accomplished. If you get tired of repeat don't worry life will interfere plenty of times to keep things interesting. Last but not least, have an awesome wife that likes the daily plan and execution as much as you do and that supports you and your decisions.

Now for that part where life will interfere.
My wife created a side project for me...."I want a garden, a raised garden bed" she said. Ok, no problem, I actually really encourage this idea and am excited to grow some fresh veggies and herbs. We've had planters and toyed around with tomatoes, peppers, and such. But now were getting a bit more serious, digging up a spot in the yard, building things, hauling know fun stuff. This should be a Saturday's worth of work, but then....

Rain all weekend, off and on, just enough to tease you. And forecast for rain next weekend just to torment you. Plans for the following weekends just to add the pressure of getting it done this weekend. Adding in Hurricane Ayla hitting ground at our household made it an intersting weekend. I mean why does a 4 month old need to cry for hours on end with no resolution possible? To add to the mix I found leaking antifreeze under the car....crap.

So let's review, I now have: an unfinished garden, a crying 4 month old, a car that needs repair, and only an hours work on the plane. .....pattern fail, discipline fail, momentum fail, but still an awesome wife.

Wednesday 1st - 1hr deburring aileron parts
Sat-Sun 4th-5th  - 1hr spread over the entire weekend deburring parts durring the rain showers.

Busy all week with other obligations and now having to fix a car....will repost when able to get back at building.