Monday, October 1, 2012

Other RV-10 Builders

There is an RV Builders Group here in the Huntsville area but it seems like all the guys are finished building and disinterested in any mentorship with a current builder. There is only one other RV-10 in the area that I know of and he is part of the group, but doesn't attend the meetings and seems to be equally disinterested in answering questions. (A little caveat, one of the guys did give me a ride in his RV-6A with a little bit of flying time...and it was I must say a Thank You for that)

Anyway, back to the point, so I peruse through other builders web pages (if your reading this then you do the same) and I came across Brian and Brandi, They are some young RV-10 builders like Jess and I and they live only a short flight away in Atlanta. I shot them an email to say hi and the next thing I know they are flying over to check out my shop and airplane building progress, I'm getting a ton of usefull info, meeting some great new people, and getting my first RV-10 flight! The airplane is everything I hoped, actually it exceeded my expectations! The inside is roomy and comfortable, the speed is outstanding, the controls are solid and responsive. Awesome! Jess and I are excited to not only have met another young couple that flies, but also has built the same airplane we are.

After hanging out for the entire later half of the day all I got was a single picture of my 6 month pregnant wife laughing about trying to buckle the seat belt around her baby belly : )

Thanks again Brian and Brandi!

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