Friday, October 19, 2012

Fuselage Frustration

I am working on Section 28 of the plans and started clecoing in place the F-1004K Center Section Side Plate when I noticed I made a big mistake. Back in Section 26 of the plans when I riveted F-1015A Outboard Seat Rib in place I accidently placed the joggled flange of F-1015A outboard of F-1004D Channel when it should be inboard, ie that little tab should be behind the channel.

 So, I have a problem. I first drilled out the 21 rivets on the bottom that go thru the skin. Tried twisting the rib to get the flange behind the channel….didn’t work. So I started brainstorming ways to avoid drilling out the rivets that attach the aft end to the fuselage (they are a pain to get to and was afraid of really screwing up a rivet hole)…I could make a shim above the flange, I could cut the flange and create a “repair” attaching the two parts together…..wait….will the holes need to be dimpled…..wait should all the holes be dimpled in the F-1015A Rib? After scouring the plans and the web I discovered that YES they should! The plans completely skip over this. You dimple F-1018 Rear Seat Rib on step 6 on page 26-5, but there is no mention of F-1015A. A simple “and F-1015” after "dimple holes" is all that would be required. Frustrating.

Apparently you’re also supposed to know to dimple the holes in the F-1015B channel before installing the F-1015A Rib. So, the ribs on both sides are coming out and this would happen regardless of the mistake I made in the beginning.


  1. Dude. You just saved me a ton of time and headache. I'm an RV-10 builder and am doing section 26 now. I ran across this post while looking for info on the dimples in 1015A (plans are still not updated, by the way). .... And I realized I was about to rivet F-1015A with the tab outside the 1004 channel just as you had done. Thanks so much for posting this.

    1. Great! I'm glad the post helped someone out. That's why I wrote it.
      And thanks for the reply,
      - Justin

  2. Thank you for taking this time to write this. Looks like I missed the F-1015B channel.