Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tailcone Riveting Contd

I continued riveting the tailcone today and it is really easy with one of the side skins removed and so far no problems with doing it this way. I riveted the entire lower and right hand side skins. I also went ahead and riveted the bell crank ribs even though the instructions have you install these after all the skins are on. It too was a lot easier to install with one of the side skins removed. I had trouble reaching some of the rivets that came through the skin behind one of the stiffeners. I couldn't reach the tail of the rivet with the back rivet set and my normal bucking bar was too thick to fit as well. So I made a new bucking bar. I used an old part from a different project that is made of a strong steel. I then cut a notch out of one of the sides to fit around the stiffener. The picture will help explain. Yeah I know they make bucking bars with this shape and I used up some time today making this one, but it was free and I got to continue working and not wait on a shipment. After bucking the rivets I couldn't reach with the back rivet set I finished the night clecoing the left hand skin on for tomorrow (6.5)

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