Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tailcone Final Assembly

I started the final assembly of the tailcone today. First you rivet a lot of smaller parts together: frames and bulkheads etc. I finished out the day with clecoing the tail skins and stringers together in the same way as before when I drilled out the skins using two 2x4's hanging off the side of the table. See previous post if you want more detail.

I came across a conundrum at the end of the day. The instructions say to cleco both side skins on and then begin riveting, but how do you reach to rivet the lower skin? So I need to read ahead, and maybe do a bit of research, to see if I can't rivet the lower skin first then cleco and rivet the side skins. I don't see any reason why not....we'll see. (4.0)

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