Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ignition Wiring and Fuel Flow Sensor

Back to firewall forward stuff. I have all the wires hanging around for the ignition system I need to tidy up. First you have to figure out timing and install the sensors, etc etc.....its all in the instructions.

I wanted to cover how I ran the sensor wires through the rear baffle. I drilled a large enough hole to pass the sensor through (it comes pre-wired).

Then used a high temp large OD small ID grommet. I then went back later and sealed the hole thing with high temp RTV.

This is how you come up with the power and ground wires for the ignition system. I admit I was a little baffled at first as to how a coax cable was going to successfully and safely be split. But just grab a pick and "de-braid" the shielding....done.

DON'T USE RTV to seal anything in the fuel lines. Use thread sealant and don't apply to the first three threads.

This is how I installed the fuel flow transducer (Red Cube). If you read the installation instructions this is the location they suggest. I had TS Flgihtline split the fuel line and add end fittings. The cube is actually really well supported with the stiff braided fuel lines. But vibration can be destructive, so I RTV'd the thing to the engine. Now it's not going anywhere for a while.

We started trying on the headset and letting Ayla play with it around the house. If you ask her if she wants to go flying she says "Yes! and wear headset!" : )

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