Thursday, February 26, 2015

Firewall Forward Stuff

With the lighting system done, I finally got to go back to working on the firewall forward stuff.

I installed covers to the old magneto locations (these covers come in the lightspeed igniton installation kit).

I made some firewall feed thrus. These are my own design made from a few cheap parts from Aircraft Spruce. They sell aluminim flanges for ducting that I riveted to the firewall using stainless steel rivets. Then I pushed some firesleeving tubing through the ducting. Everything was installed using either fire barrier caulk or hight temp RTV. Once the wires are ran through the tubing it will get filled with high temp RTV to create a fire resisant and air tight seal.

I installed the fuel lines. My fuel lines are from Bonaco and are fire sleeved. Actually all of my fluid lines that are forward of the firewall are firesleeved. I snapped this picture to show that I secured my fuel line as far from the exhaust as possible using an Adel clamp.

This is one of the oil lines and does not take the standard route of up and over the engine mount. Instead it snakes around under the oil cooler air intake tube. This route just worked better for me.

Here you can see that the manifold pressure line doesn't take the normal route either. Typically this is installed on the complete opposite side of the engine. But since my MP sensor is mounted to the manifold on the firewall it was easier to run it from the LH aft cylinder. Also, this allowed me to use the stock line.

I got the wires ran to the shunts and ANL fuses that come from both of the alternators.

I got the wires running from the power feed thru to the starter solenoid and then on to the starter.

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