Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Light Power Test

The moment I've been waiting for.....power! The overhead is officially done! I mean done, finished, ready to fly! Exciting to say that a part of the airplane is complete. Here are some pics of the first power test.

I later found out that I can easily remove and install the overhead panel without any additional support, but for the picture I needed some boxes to support the panel. This shows the extra wire length that allows you to make all the connections in the overhead before installing it. ...it's a lot easier than it looks.

Powered on! The switches light up, the overhead recessed light shines, the reading lights are nice and bright, the dimmer works and it looks great. The pictures suck at showing the lights. I tried turning the lights off for a better effect but the iphone just doesn't cut it.

And here is the door light. When I turned the lights off I was pretty happy with the way this is going to work out.

Ayla thought it was a lot of fun looking at the lights and pushing buttons, plus it's just cool being in the plane with Daddy!


  1. Justin. Love the door light. How did you install the light and run the wires in the door. When I look through your build log, I didn't see that you did that before the door halves were glued together.

  2. See this post...

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