Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Service Bulletin, Standby Alternator, Baffle Install, Re-clocked Prop Governor

I have done A LOT since my last post.
- Completed Service Bulletin 14-08-29
- Installed the Standby Alternator
- Painted and installed baffles
- Reclocked my Prop Governor
- Measured for my fluid lines
- Body work on upper air ramps (Featured on later post)
- Installed cowl flaps (Featured on later post)
- Started routing my #2 wire

Dates and Times
20 -4.5hrs-
21 -5.0hrs-
22 -1.25hrs-
23 -1.25hrs-
24 -1.0hrs-
25 -1.0hrs-
26 -8.25hrs-
27 -3.0hrs-
28 -5.5hrs-
1 -1.0hrs-
3 -7.5hrs-
4 -3.5hrs-
5 -5.5hrs-

The service bulletin from Vans has you install a spacer plate between the engine mount elastomer plate and the elastomer itself. I scratched my head for a while trying to think of the best way to get the weight off the front gear so I could remove the elastomers. I first thought, and will probably do from now on since the prop would add even more weight, pulling down on the tail to raise the nose. I personally can hang from the tip of the tail and can't get the nose off the ground so any kind of weight system would need to be really big and I didn't want to hassle with that right now, I will go this route for maintenance after flying though. So I just used one of the bottle jacks I put together a while back and with some plates to help distribute the load I carefully raised the nose. Worked....but made me nervous.

The spacer plate is designed to space the elastomers off the welds of the gear. My elastomers were bent from the welds so I cut the bends out so nothing would rub in the future.....and that is why they have the spacer now.

I installed my Plane Power FS1-14B backup alternator (30Amps) on the engine "vacuum pad". Also you can see some of the tubing I'm using to measure for my fluid lines.

After I got the baffles installed I noticed that the Aerosport Mount Cover nutplates rub against my engine mount. I wish the flanges were 3 times the size on the mount covers and this would never be an issue. I'm going to have to drill these out and figure out a solution.....really not happy about this one.

Baffles painted and installed....just need to install the baffle material.

I'm real happy with the way my RH ramp turned out. Kinda looks like I know what I'm doing.

I had to re-clock my prop governor control arm so the control cable will be able to fully actuate the governor. Then I re-safety wire it.

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