Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leg Fairings

The leg fairings were very easy, nothing much to say. I did make a small change in how the pin installs as shown in the pictures below. I cut the bottoms of the wheel fairings to clear the tires at about 7/8 to 1in clearance. This is more than the plans call for but will give me a bit more clearance on unimproved landing surfaces or in case of a flat or low tire. I just used a small block of wood and ran it along the tire while holding a marker on its edge. This made a perfect parallel line all the way around the tire.

Dates and Times
Wed 9th -1.0hr- Cut bottom of wheel fairings to clear the tires.
Fri 11th -7.75hrs- Fairing work, including: cutting the nose wheel leg fairing, riveting nutplates, countersinking holes, and other invariable tasks that go along with building an airplane.
Sat 12th -3.25hrs- Cut leg fairings and riveted hinges.

Riveted the hinges to the leg fairings with care to ensure I don't induce a twist in the fairing.

Used the template provided to mark the cuts.

I cut the legs a bit shorter than the plans because I wanted to be able to remove the pin from the top of the fairing and not the bottom. The upper intersection faring covers the entire area so it won't look any different than normal. But I like having the bend in the pin at the top so I know it can't vibrate down and out of the hinge and it's just enough room to remove the pin; and therefore the fairing.

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