Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Aircraft Jack Stands

I started working on the wheel fairings and I needed a way to lift the airplane as if it was in a straight and level flying attitude. So I built some Jack Stands. The hydraulic cylinders are actually designed for a shop crane but they were the length I needed. I then made the stand that supports them.

Dates and Times
Tues 24th -1.25hrs- Started sanding around windows to reduce the thick edge left from the PVC tape
Fri 27th -6.75hrs- Built stands and leveled the airplane.

This is a picture of the finished product. The steel tubes hold the cylinder straight. The cylinder holds all the weight and just transfers it straight to the floor. The top support is to pieces of angle iron bolted to a 2x6 with padding and then bolted to the top of the piston.

I cut the tube to length from steel conduit and then hammered out the flats on the ends. Then stuck the ends in a vice and bent them to the angle I needed.

I bent the tips of the tubing to help retain the clamp and prevent it from sliding off.

Drilling a large hole in the angle iron for the main attach bolt.

Here are the stands in action. They work great!

They passed my very rigorous testing.


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