Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Completed Structure Overview (755.0hrs)

I wanted to make another overview post to show a little more accurately the parts I am working on. Currently, I have a lot of sections I'm working through simultaneously and will also be installing things that aren't in the plans.

For example, I'm working on: the step install, finishing the side skin vent doors, installing the heater boxes, building the upper forward fuselage, installing the luggage area floors, insulation and conduit, and the com antenna installs. So there is a lot of work coming up and I wanted to represent that in the Completed Structure Overview as best I could.

755.0 hrs Total Building Time    463.0  hrs is a mixture of tail and fuselage (still in work)
    292.0 hrs of the total belong to the Wings (includes times listed below)
       75.25 hrs to the Fuel Tanks
       25.5 hrs to the Ailerons
       26.25 hrs to the Flaps

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