Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wing Skins and Leading Edge

I went ahead and started on the leading edge assemblies. I did this because I want to install them before I rivet the top skins in place. This will allow me to install the leading edges by myself and will give me a lot more room to work. The leading edge skin and top skins butt up against each other, their is no overlap, so either skin can be installed first.

I sanded the top skin splice down as the instructions explain it. I sanded each skin to taper down to half their original thickness at the splice to help blend the splice together. I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post as I was really working this afternoon and forgot to stop and snap a few. More will follow, I promise.

The plan
1. Get the leading edge ribs fluted.
2. Cleco and drill the leading edge assy.
3. Deburr all the skins.
4. Dimple all the skins and ribs.
5. Rivet the leading edge.
6. Rivet the top skins.

Sounds simple enough, but remember the quantity of holes to tend to is huge. Fluting the ribs alone might take all week!

Date Hours
4 1.25 drilled LH top skin
5 1.75 drilled RH top skin, started fluting leading edge ribs
6 5.0 started leading edge assy, built leading edge supports, sanded upper skin splice

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