Thursday, January 3, 2013

Aft Spar

I've been working on the wings periodically and have been slacking on the posts, but that's only since I don't see a point in posting the tiny steps I've been taking. Luckily the tiny accomplishments eventually add up to an entire section being completed. This time, it was the aft spar. This part of the plans was really quite easy. A perfect part for me to work on while we're getting used to having the newborn. There is one part where you match drill through the ribs and two holes don't line up. At first this was unnerving, but a quick check on the matronics website and apparently this was supposed to happen, so I built on. When it was time to press the bearings into the W-1013A and W-1013A Aileron Hinge Bracket Spacers I had to open the holes just a little to squeeze the bearings in. So FYI in case you can't get these things in at all.

Date Time
18 2.0 riveted ribs to spar
21 Baby Ayla born!
25 Merry Christmas!
26 1.5 started aft spar work
27 2.0 worked on aft spar, aileron hinge brackets
29 3.0 deburred and alodined
30 4.0 Press bearings, deburr and dimple holes, start riveting
31 1.75 riveted aft spar, finished LH side
1 Happy New Year
2 1.5 riveted RH side, Done!

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