Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fuselage Side Skins 2

I have been forgetting to take pictures as I go so there isn't much to see here. All the parts are made, deburred, countersunk, and primed for the side skins. I also made the repair for the WD-1002 upper firewall brackets and it is now stronger than before. Cutting steel and aluminum has become as common in my workshop as wood once was.

I also made a new countersink extender thing from some threaded rod. Allowed me to countersink the six outer rivets on the forward bulkhead. The instructions call for double flush rivets in these locations but the countersink stop is too large to fit in the flange of the bulkhead, so I extended above it.

11/6 2.0 countersink parts
11/7 2.0 countersink parts
11/10 4.0 made repair for firewall bracket
11/11 6.0 deburr, countersink, prime, dimple
11/12 8.0 riveting

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