Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy Weekend

The horizontal stabilizer replacement parts were on my porch when I got home Friday. Which was great news, it kinda set the pace for the weekend. You see, if I finished the elevator parts then I could remake the replacement parts for the horizontal stabilizer and prime them all at the same time on Sunday. So Friday night I got going: deburring, dimpling, and countersinking. This carried into Saturday and then into Sunday. There are a lot of little parts to the elevators. I even had to make up a new tool to fit into the small opening of the aft spar. I made a mini dimpler from a small c-clamp. I drilled out the screw and bottom to accept the dimple dies and with a hard twist you got a dimple. I drilled out the new replacement parts, carefully using the spar as a guide. They came out well and nothing was screwed up on the spar, so success! I then moved onto scuffing with MEK and priming the parts and finished a little before dark on Sunday night. I didn't prime the elevator skins due to some steps that I want to do in tandem with building the trim tabs. But for now, I can start the final assembly on the horizontal stabilizer!

Fri (1.75) Sat (4.75) Sun (7.0)

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