Friday, February 16, 2018

A tour of the RV-10

This is a fully finished and IFR equipped 2015 RV-10. Painted in a bright white and trimmed in metallic black and green. The interior features a cream colored leather interior with a sporty black stitching and dark grey carpet and trim. A carbon fiber instrument panel and center console house the full Garmin avionics suite that features dual G3X touch screens and a GTN 650. The power of the IO-540 260hp Lycoming engine and Hartzell prop gives the airplane some serious performance.

Watch the video below for a tour.

-IO-540-D4A5 Lycoming 260hp Fuel Injected 6 cylinder engine.
-Hours (Total Time: Aircraft, Engine, and Prop) 170
-Dual Lightspeed electronic ignition with integrated backup power system
-GAMI Injectors
-Vetterman Exhaust
-EFII Fuel Boost Pump Module
-Servo controlled Oil Cooler Damper
-Servo controlled Cowl Flaps
-Full engine management system readout to G3X including: 
     -Fuel flow gauge
     -CHT and EGT on all 6 cylinders
     - Oil temp and pressure

-Powered by a primary 60 amp alternator or a 30 amp backup alternator
-Engine Ignition and Primary Avionics Integrated Battery Back-Up Systems
-Full ADSB in and out with weather and traffic
-Autopilot with robust feature set, including safety features such as underspeed and overspeed protection, a dedicated return-to-level (LVL) mode button, Garmin ESP™ (Electronic Stability and Protection), Flight Director (FD), coupled approaches and missed approaches
-VPX Electronic Circuit Breaker System integrated into G3X screens
-PS Engineering PMA5000EX Audio Selector Panel allows for full audio control. Front and back seats can listen to their own audio sources plugged into the airplane and fed through the headsets.
-Ultra EFIS for a secondary backup flight instrument
-ELT ACK 406 Mhz
-Cabin Carbon Monoxide detector with audio alerts
-Light weight and high powered LiFPo EarthX Battery

-GTN 650 GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD   Fly WAAS LPV approaches down to 200ft minimums and push the TOGA button on the instrument panel to cue the autopilot to automatically capture the correct pitch attitude required to fly a missed approach and then follow the loaded missed approach procedure.

Full Garmin G3X Suite, featuring:
-GDU  460 PFD with synthetic vision
-GDU 460 MFD
-GTX 23 ES Mode S Transponder 
-GDL 39R Full ADSB in and out
-Dual GSU 25 ADAHRS (primary and backup)
-GMC 305 and GSA 28 Servos for full autopilot  
-GAP 26 Pitot Tube
-Angle of Attack Indicator on top of panel
-GTR 20 Remote mounted Comm
-GEA 24 EMS (Engine Management System)

Interior and Exterior:
-Fully finished interior with trim and cup holders
-Overhead landing and taxi light controls
-Landing lights have "Wig-Wag" function above set airspeed and automatically return to normal operation during final approach
-Dimmable LED overhead recessed interior lighting with reading spot lights
-Super Bright LED Landing, Taxi and strobe lights with the sleek Aveo ZipTip system
-Door activated interior lighting and wing walk lighting with auto time-out shut off
-Dual USB ports for device charging
-Plane Around 180 Door Latch system
-Low Profile exterior door handle
-MATCO Wheels and Brakes
-SafeAir Pitot Static system

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