Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Well this is the end of the build log. I have finished my Phase 1 flight testing and have already been on several trips with the family. I'm happy the building is over but I have such great pride that I did all of that myself. It almost doesn't seem real. I can't even comprehend how much time and effort it took. But I finished what I started and now I need to learn how to enjoy this new machine and my free time that I now have until the next big project. BuildingRV10 will only be used to keep track of airplane maintenance or updates. Thanks for reading!


  1. I REALLY enjoyed reading your blog and following your build. Thanks for the effort you put into it. Your airplane is AMAZING!! -Andrew

  2. I have followed your BLOG for the past year and have truly enjoyed watching your dreams come to life, thanks for letting others share in your life adventure! I wish you clear skies and tail winds!

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  4. Hi Justin
    I love the Wing tip LED's, nice work.
    Can you please post a update on your cowl flaps and let us know the ammount it improved temperatures and if you recommend the mod? Of possible please include info on temperature before and after opening the cowl flaps when in climb?