Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Overhead Console Work

OK, one more post before the end of the year.

I had a few consecutive days of work and then production came to a grinding halt for Xmas vacation. This time driving up to St. Louis for a week long visit. Drive? you ask. Why would we do a thing like that? Well, renting a plane for a week is not very practical. Its both difficult to book for an entire week and very...very expensive. Just another motivator to finish the plane.

I've still been working on the overhead console. Lots of fiberglass stuff. I don't mind fiberglass but I am ready to move on to some other part of the plane, whether it's fiberglass work or not.

Dates and Times
Tues 10 -1.5 hrs- sanded and added filler to overhead console edge
Wed 11 -1.5 hrs- sanded and cut one edge flange piece on overhead console
Thurs 12 -1.5 hrs- sanded and shaped more parts on cabin and overhead. Located holes for door bracket
Sat 28 -3.0 hrs- sanded and bonded edge flange
Sun 29 -4.5 hrs- more sanding. Cut and bonded edge flange on other side
Mon 30 -1.5 hrs- cut closeout panel openings and removed initial mold foam support

The initial layup forming the edge flange pieces.

I trimmed out a hole for the door strut bracket. Later I went back and did a lot of filler work including filling in around the cutout.

This is one of the internal pieces creating the shape of the forward part of the overhead. This gets bonded in and smoothed out later.

All the pieces on one side are trimmed and ready for final bonding to the substructure.

Both sides bonded into place along with a lot of filler work completed.

A view of the edge flange running along the side of the overhead. This will house an LED rope light to provide cabin lighting.

So far I'm pleased with how it's turning out. Next I need to make the closeout panels and then finish forming them into place. I also need to finish the forward edge where the support post attaches.

Happy New Year!

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