Monday, March 18, 2013

Attack of the Sealant

It was a normal day, as normal can be, for a man building an airplane in his backyard shop as I began to work on the dreaded fuel tanks again. It all started with mixing the Proseal as its peculiar sulfuric scent filled the air of the shop. With the use of multiple layers of gloves and open windows and doors I began to rivet the ribs into their final resting place. Squeezing and spreading more of the thick black caustic goo onto the tank ribs. I was doing well until I noticed some had gotten onto the work bench. I quickly wiped it up and carried on with my work. Then I noticed a black smear on my shirt, curious 'How did that get there' I thought. No wait it is now on my jeans. I quickly changed gloves to a new clean pair to prohibit the spreading of the sticky black goo. This appears to have only angered the substance as it is now spreading even faster; my gloves, shirt, jeans are covered, the workbench may need to be burned to rid it of the goo. It's moving farther now onto the floor and to the other work bench. It appears to be beyond my control. I'm beginning to fear the worst. For the safety of my family and all of humanity I'm locking myself in the shop, closing all doors and windows. This self quarantine may be the only hope we have for survival as a species. The black goo is taking over...

This may be my last on without me.

16th   2.0    Clecloed ribs in place with Proseal
17th   5.75  Riveted ribs in place with Proseal

9.75hrs on Fuel Tanks = 33hrs Total

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