Monday, February 11, 2013

LH Wing Top Skin

As I last posted previously, Brian and Brandi flew in to help with the LH Wing's Top Skin and even though we worked for several hours we didn't quite get to all of the 1.3 million rivets in the skin. Luckily Jason, a friend and coworker of mine, was willing to help out. A couple more hours and we finished all the rivets I couldn't get to myself. I only lack the long aft row to complete. We also re-hit the rivets along the spar that butt up against the leading edge skin. Originally there was a very small offset of the top skin from the leading edge skin. After a few more taps of the rivet gun it all set flush. Making me happy.

Oh and here is a picture of the RH leading edge I finished.


  1. Impressive! Save me some fun for when I return from Afghanistan. From the guy you secretly admire at work. haha

    1. Your the only person I know in Afghanistan, so that was identifying enough. Don't worry I have a whole other wing that needs to be rivited!

      PS we went and got Korean food the other were missed.