Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Elevators

After what feels like a little slacking for few know only getting things done around the house and flying up to St. Louis to visit family...I had a free weekend to work on the plane. I assembled the two halves of the elevators together and riveted the skins to the spars. I riveted the small spars of the trim tabs on also. I rolled the forward edges of the skins to form the leading edge of the elevator. You do this by attaching a piece of PVC pipe using tape and clecos to the skins and with a great deal of force rolling the skins into shape. This bends the forward edges of the two skins which then get riveted together. The leading edges of elevators, rudders, and ailerons are tucked behind the stabilizers and wings and therefore don't need to be very aerodynamic, plus you can't see it anyway. This is the reason the leading edges are formed using two skins riveted together. Whereas a wing's leading edge would be smooth. Sat (6.5) Sun (5.0)

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