Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Patience and Anticipation

Years of planning, day dreaming, and talking about building a plane. Then, you finally order the kit and wait an eternal 8 weeks for it to ship. I placed the order for the tail and fuselage of the RV-10 a little over 8 weeks ago (mid January) and am currently watching it travel across the nation: Aurora OR, Portland, Denver, Wichita, Oklahoma City and now in Memphis. The final trek to Huntsville should be happening today. It will be arriving in two boxes; one 8ft long and 600lbs and the other 10ft long and 280lbs. The plan, for now, is to load them on a flatbed trailer, park in front of the house, crack open the crates, and start carrying pieces to the workshop in the back yard....stay posted for updates tomorrow.

- Justin

To see pics of my shop go to our other blog "The Life and Adventures of Justin and Jess".

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